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Umar Kigozi from Uganda message

Umar Kigozi from Uganda message
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Greeting to you all,
I take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me participate in this promotion. First and foremost i love Japanese products be it cars, home products and the like and i use them because they are durable and cost effective. The reason as to why am the best candidate for winning a car out of this promotion is that sincerely i have never owned a car, if chance is given and i win it, it will be a big milestone in my life. What i think about car from Japan is that they are pocket friendly to us people in third world countries in terms of usage and spare parts are easy to get because distribution is every where more especially in my country Uganda. If chosen and qualified as a winner, i will be greatful for the very first time for this initiative.
I will appreciate your feedback about my say about cars from Japan
God bless you all
Umar Kigozi

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