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Tyler Skidmore from USA message

Tyler Skidmore from USA message
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Dear Car From Japan,

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. In the previous giveaway, I wanted a kei car to better teach a youth the history of kei cars and to tune as a fun educational project. This time, however much fun it would be to create that experience, my car is breaking down and everything I do within the city is far apart from one another.
Your help would be much appreciated as I do not have another way to get to my destinations. I have almost no money due to being young, and earning low wages, so I have no way of fixing my car.
During each week, I go to various classes that will help me graduate high school, I go to a youth meeting for spiritual wellness, companionship, and to be a mentor to those In times of trouble physically, mentally, and relationally.
If I win this Japanese used car, it will help my family, friends, and myself. The Japanese used car will help my family by not using their valuable time that they need for work, it will help my friends by enabling me to give them help and support, and it will help me by allowing me to get to class.
Thank you again Car From Japan for this gracious opportunity. I hope to have a wonderful business relationship with all of the wonderful workers of Car From Japan.

Thanks again,
Tyler Skidmore

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