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TURYAMUREBA JACOB from Uganda message

TURYAMUREBA JACOB from Uganda message
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I am really excited and looking forward to being the winner in this CAR FROM JAPAN campaign!!!!… I have just graduated from the university and do not have a job, so currently iam driving my friend’s car for Uber (Uber partner driver) and am enjoying every bit of it. If I won a car, I would use it for Uber as my full time employment and it would be the first car I would have owned as well!! Japanese used cars are really good and strong and can’t Wait the day I own one. I should be chosen as the winner because I do really love cars, would love to use it for Uber and would be the first person to own a car in my family.I think CAR FROM JAPAN is the best car company such that if I had money, it is the company I would buy a car from.

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