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Tumwa Sam from Uganda message

Tumwa Sam from Uganda message
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I salute you Lan Phan, the chief marketing officer CAR FROM JAPAN co, Ltd and the entire team that you work with across the world to ease transportation, by manufacturing and distributing the cars from Japan. I applaud you all for the great job well done of promoting safe, affordable and reliable transportation means in Uganda, Africa and the entire world at large.

I am glad that i joined this competition. I have always enjoyed traveling in cars from Japan, I have also had my friends and other people driving Cars from Japan speak well about them. My uncle drives a Toyota from Japan but i like it because it is fast, durable and it gives me comfort whenever i sit in it. This therefore compelled me to join this competition. I am graduate from Ymca kampala, and i graduated in 2014. I currently work with Vodafone Uganda and this is a telecommunication company as Brand Ambassador.

I surely believe that that if I am chosen as the winner of this competition, I will act as a Brand Ambassador of the CAR FROM JAPAN in Uganda. And therefore i will promote Cars from Japan, by sensitizing my fellow Ugandans about the benefits, affordability, durability and the comfort that one attains by driving a Car From Japan. I will start with my family members, relatives, the friends i have studied with, my fellow church members, my fellow employees at vodafone among others. All the above mentioned groups will also help in developing a network which will promote the usage of Cars From Japan.

I think that CAR FROM JAPAN and Japanese used cars are good, fast, affordable, comfortable,easy to mentain and reliable.
Thanks to you all, am humbled to be part of this competition.

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