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tugirumuremyi peter from Rwanda message

tugirumuremyi peter from Rwanda message
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I would be happy and proud to be chosen as one of the winner of CAR FROM JAPAN , because these cars are very strong and it can make my dream come true , it is a need on my side , and cars from Japan suits our environment due to their quality which is stronger so i think when i get this opportunity ,this would change my commercial life so i wish that i could win ,as when i was little i dreamed that one day i cloud get my brand new car so i think that the opportunity is here ,When i get this car ,it could makes me feel like the other people which have their cars because this could help me to move around my country in my car this could reduce the expenses that i spent during the trip ,so i think that it is my chance to get this opportunity to get this car ,time my dreams to became true,so i think that i could win, thank you for listening to me .And i think when i win in this competition i could became your ambassador in my religion for telling people about your works in order to become bigger and better in the world.

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