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Trevor Ngendo from Kenya message

Trevor Ngendo from Kenya message
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Ko ni chi wa! My name is Trevor,I would first like to start by appreciating you CAR FROM JAPAN for this competition and your hardwork. You have stocked markets of different countries including here in Kenya with your brands which are durable and very economical since the fuel consumption is very low….Omedeto gozaimasu👏👏👏👏….
I think I should be chosen as the winner in this competition since I really love cars from Japan. I also have the knowledge of Japanese language and have studied it for three years now. I know that once I win the car from CAR FROM JAPAN, I will be able to read and understand the car manuals and the logbooks of which many of them are usually written in Japanese language… With the knowledge of Japanese language,I will be able to translate the Japanese language to English. I can also become one of your representative or your ambassador here in Kenya. A country where Japanese cars are all around which are always exported and delivered by you CAR FROM JAPAN.
Truely CAR FROM JAPAN you are the best car exporters….👏👏👏👍

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