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Tobias Matano from Kenya message

Tobias Matano from Kenya message
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Am currently driving a Toyota Carina, a model which is out of production. Am a big fan of cars and given that my 90% of my work involves driving, i will be very joyful to win myself a newer car for the coming year’s business involvement.
Car from Japan is doing a tremendous work of making people understand more varieties of cars that are made in Japan. Japan as a country is a world’s leader in technology and more so in the production of cars. A big percent of the world’s people have driven or owned a car made from Japan. Kenya in particular has a car population in the averages of about 80%. Other other East African countries have majority of cars from the Japanese models. The Japanese models are liked because of the presence of their spares parts which are also pocket friendly. Japanese cars especially the Toyota models are highly preferred because of their high resale value in case someone wants to buy a newer car.

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