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Timvereziti Deafat Msosa from Malawi message

Timvereziti Deafat Msosa from Malawi message
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I would like to thank CAR FROM JAPAN for organizing this Xmas car giveaway 2016 competition. This is to show that CAR FROM JAPAN has a social responsibility to give back to the society. This is one way of showing its appreciation for the business it has had in 2016. By organizing a competition like this, you are also building trust between you CAR FROM JAPAN as a business and us as your customers. There are a lot of Companies from Japan who are engaged in this business of selling Japanese used cars, but you stand out as a company that is selling Japanese used cars that are in good condition and at an affordable price. In these days of economic hardships, many people in Malawi can not afford to by a brand new car, but the have managed to own one through cars you have been selling on your web site. I have not bought one myself but I am saving to get one of my dream cars through you in April 2017. If I win this competition, it will be a plus to me. That means the car I am saving for, to buy in April, will be for my wife. On that note, what I can say is that everyone who has entered this competition is a winner. You try to fail not fail to try. It will all come down to the blessed ones who will be declared winners on the final day. I want to be the winner because I need a car now more than ever before.The job I am working involves meeting people in rural areas and using public transport is proving to be costly.To those who will be declared winners I will say congratulation. It was your appointed day to be a winner. To those who will not be declared winners, I will say good luck. You tried and it wasn’t your day. At least you tried unlike those who knew about the competition but they did not dare to try. To the organizers of the competition and your sponsors, I will say thank you for the opportunity given to us your customers. We will keep on doing business with you in 2017. And continue giving us the best as you have been. We love doing business with you because your services are unique.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017.

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