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Taina Pierre from USA message

Taina Pierre from USA message
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I would love to be the winner of a new car because it would make life for everyone I live with easier. A while ago I lost my car because it was involed in an accident. Ever since then, I’ve had to rely on parents to bring me to school and other places. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for parents hetic work schedules. There have been times where my mom has been late to work because she had to pick me up from school. If this continues i’m afraid one of my parents might lose their job and I would hate to be responsible for that. Due to my families finanical circumstance, we haven’t been able to afford another car. Wining this competion from Cars From Japan would mean that things would return to how they were. My parents wouldn’t have to worry about losing their jobs and they wouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed about driving my younger brother and I around. I really hope that I’m able to win a Japanese used car and I hope that it will be nice, dependable, and safe.

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