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Suzie Landreth from USA message

Suzie Landreth from USA message
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Hi First of all I’d like to Thank Car From Japan from the bottom of my heart for what you guys are doing by giving a car away? Do you know how grateful I am for finding you?
I should be chosen because I recently (after 6 long months of making on time payments) payed off a vehicle from an individual, and no longer was the title signed over to me, the vehicles engine blew! Tears. Please choose me! Before this vehicle, my Lil ole Lexus I’d paid off as I was driving down a busy 75 south freeway at 65 MPR my hood blew off over my head! As I was looking in my rear view mirror, while in shock and praying and seeing my hood bouncing behind me with not a vehicle in sight! I am grateful to be here and alive today! I’m grateful no vehicles were behind me wow!
I went back the following day to get my hood and it was gone! Tears! I had no choice until my insurance adjuster came out but to drive my hoodless Lexus.
I drove my Lil Ole Lexus hoodless to work and back for one week. It didn’t determine who I really am, nor define me, right?
After driving my lil ole lexus with out a hood, the overdrive went off, causing the engine to blow! Tears. In between these two cars, I was desperate! After walking, paying taxis just to make it to and from work daily. ( I work a hard full time department store job).
On my next off day, I was desperate to find a car with the only money I had until my next bi weekly pay check I walked from my apartment to a car lot that didn’t require credit required only a job and a down payment. I was excited! I put all I had, $800 down on a 94 Mercury coupe convertible. I drove it for 5 days. The inside sweated, the defroster didn’t work, making driving hard to see, having to wipe the windshield with a towel, the floor boards were dripping wet (it rained the days I drove it ) on the fifth day as I was leaving work, it started getting hot. I immediately pulled over opened the hood there was no antifreeze with a busted back up container w/o a lid! I filled the car with antifreeze let it sit cool and immediately drove it back to the car lot. The owner said he could only give half of my down payment back, but could hold on to $300 of my money and when ever he had another vehicle, I could apply that to the down payment. He also decided to charge an extra $100 for last minute paperwork! Shame on that car dealer! I told myself if he were the only car dealer left in this world I would not come back! Tears.Tears.
Car From Japan please, from the bottom of my heart to yours, Please Car From Japan, please choose me in your Car From Japan giveaway!
Turn my tears and frowns upside down please!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Suzie Landreth

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