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Susana Wainiqolo from Fiji message

Susana Wainiqolo from Fiji message
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I never been to Japan but I learn alot about Japan.To me when I see and hear the word Japan,I see a different word,very much advance,everything is just 10 times or 20 times different from where I’m from.I met alot of Japanese people,I love their culture,food and different way of doing things like making robots.I think I should be a winner because of the love and affections toward the country,to win a car from Japan,is very much a blessing to me,it is like a dream come true,I will be a most happiest daughter, wife and mum.I will have no problems to dropping the kids and picking them up.My kids will not have to walk back home after school,I can take my family anyway.If I win a Car from Japan,it will be a enjoyable moment not for me only but as well my family.Dream Car from Japan will make me and my life different.It is not easy to get a car from Japan here in Fiji because we can’t afford it.It is very expesive.To win a car of Japan of our dream is a different story, Only the Creater knows our desirer.
Japanese used car that are very classic, meaning when you look at it,It’s very much profestional when you look at it from outside,it is outstanding,it is proper build and flexible.Seats are just comfortable that makes your body relax,with clear glass windows in which you can enjoy the views.Japanese used cars that the engines are very powerful and last long.When you drive,it gives you a smooth sound and a smooth ride especially when travelling through the bumpy roads.Japanese Cars are so special and perfect.Hope you will accept this essay.

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