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Steven Ayepa from Uganda message

Steven Ayepa from Uganda message
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I got to learn about from my inlaw in Kenya, he just just bought a Mercedes C200 2000 model, He encouraged me to import directly from Japan, own my first Refurbished Car and not from someone who has driven for quite sometime. He greatly recommended your services and customer service, making sure the emails were responded to in time and his documents delivered. Car was delivered to Mombasa Port in Good shape though Port Delayed releasing. Overall he was satisfied. The car still had good tyre and interior smelt liek new..he still drives it like its his Love. Am looking forward to the very moment am getting it from, experiencing the same customer satisfaction and avoid being cheated online. Seeing this promotion just raised my hopes..i can finally get the chance to ride a good car from an experienced team, If this is the chance let it be..i will send as many requests on social media to own one. I appreciate and thanks for being professional and considering customers feedback.

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