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Sophia Cousins from Jamaica message

Sophia Cousins from Jamaica message
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I am sure that you should pick me as your winner.I am a poor teacher in the Jamaica educational systems I am also a single parent who is in .the route taxi business who has indirectly bought three cars that have been Japanese made over the last 18 years spending almost 2.5 million dollats. I have bought engines a transnission A toyota wish trunk and part that also have amounted to at least another 500000/so I am therefore putting my essay in as a bid to get this offer. I have had a good experience with my Toyota Camry ,this car was awesome,gave no problem until it crashed.Then I had a station wagon,which to gave great service.The Honda was classy and great.However my Toyota wish with the 1az engine was a bad wiped my saving out with its never ending transmission problem and eventually engine problem.This car was unsuitable for our terrain and thus cause me a lot of psychological trauma..Ad a result I need a new car but unable to finance it Your offer will be greatly appreciated because even recently I embarked on a campaign to get one of your car but the capital fell through so I am back to the drawing board.

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