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songoro thomas from Tanzania message

songoro thomas from Tanzania message
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It was on December 20th 2016 When I found thisi competition I was glad and my heart being pleasured due ti this competition.

This competition of Japanese used cars blought me into my dream cos since I was young I had everheard about these Japanese used cars

From the bottom of my heart I would like to congradulate the chief meneger by preparing this competition cos will bring me into my dreans of owning a Japanese car.

The answer of the question ” why should I be picked as a winner” are found in the following essays

First of all I joined the competition late than expeted and I came on with the highest points than the ones entered the competition soon it was announced.

This is due to the fact that i have the highest points than others

I like to be the winneer of the competition.

I like Japan cars because are stable and can be used in all terrains

Iwould like to congradurate achief marketing manage for this competition
thanks be blessed

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