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SOLTANE from France message

SOLTANE from France message
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All I can say that is I want to buy or to have my first car from ” CAR FROM JAPAN”. I am a sales agent in France and to have my first car from you means the way fro me to sell more and more cars to my customers. To be honnest with you, I lost lot of money with a scammer on Alibaba platform who was in Malaysia. I sent money by Western Union to him to buy a lots of laptops but i never see any of them. I have promised to some customers these laptops and they gave me a deposit In the end it was the big disappointment. I gave them back their money and For that reason I am broke; I know I can do a lot of trade in cars especially the TOYOTA brand which is very popular in France. I wish I had a chance to get started.
I have already sent photos with CIF prices of different brands cars from your website to some Dealerships that I know and believe me they are very interested but I do not dare admit to them that I’m broke
I am sure that you are serious and you are honnest If only I have known you before sending the money to buy the laptops.


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