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Simeon Rweyemamu Laurian Msimbano from Tanzania message

Simeon Rweyemamu Laurian Msimbano from Tanzania message
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Look here Messrs CAR FROM JAPAN, I was born a winner from the very day the Almighty God put me on to earth to master every thing he created otherwise if this could not have been not his intention I couldn’t be born or existing till today. Because of the wisdom and knowledge he has given, I have to apply it to daily life to confront daily challenges which are opportunities as I see this opportunity of Japanese used cars .Indeed one would say how ! To me I see it as a golden chance to be in touch with CAR FROM JAPAN in a sense that as a professional retired Head of Department of Trade and Industry in the Local Government Services Commission in Tanzania as a Principal Trade Officer 2009, sensitisation and advocacy of Japanese used car as a product can be easily be carried out and also be part of CAR FROM JAPAN in Tanzania or as it may be found fit.
In my country Tanzania though currently I do not have figures to exactly tell the numbers of cars from Japan what is seen all over the country are Japanese used cars of different types ,models and fitting different types / groups of consumers with different want needs. The good thing about these cars are of good quality and low prices depending on individual need and taste.

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