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Shadrack Nicholaus from Ukraine message

Shadrack Nicholaus from Ukraine message
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my name is shadrack Nicholaus. I was born in 1994 at kahama-shinyanga, Tanzania.Im Now 22 years old.By this time,im studying at St. John’s university of Tanzania where I’m taking the bachelor of science in nursing.Im so glad to be among those who are competing for the CAR FROM JAPAN,and I would like to provide my special acknowledgement to the chief marketing officer for dedicating this peaceful competition,let our almighty god bless him.I would like to berg the chief marketing officer to pick up me as the winner of this Japan used car.this is simply because,ihave all qualifications for being a winner.On addition to that,once I will be the winner,i will try to use the time for perpetuating and make sure that I do advertise the used car from Japan.thanks very much!!

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