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Sela from Tonga message

Sela from Tonga message
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I think you should be pick me as the winner because I am in love with this company a.k.a CAR FROM JAPAN and also I always look forwards for all the promotion that’s yous advertising so hopefully one day I can afford my dream car or if you pick me as a winner it will be helpful and a blessing for me and my family because Japanese used car will answer our prayer.What I think of Japanese used car is more affordable for anyone people can easily get their own car its still look brand new you hardly can’t tell that its a used car it totally look new and had good engine aswell and if I talk about the model omg!!I can’t even count or pick what model I want I just dream that I can had one each from every model I just love every model that you been advertising so finger cross and waiting for luck this ive trying the summer give away but I’m not the lucky one so I pray and finger cross this second time I enter this competition so I’ll be waiting I think this time I’m gonna be the lucky one this time

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