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seki issac from Tanzania message

seki issac from Tanzania message
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i always like to go to japan as a beautiful country one of my friend studied there and when he was back he told me a lot of good things about the country plus the cars from japan. apart from the country itself i always admire to get a car from japan, japan used car whether its a saloon car or a big car.
japan used car they fit perfectly with the road condition here in Tanzania with most of the roads are rough specialty in rural areas. another thing is that as an adult person one of important thing to have in your life is to have a car and not other car than car from japan so that it can help you moving around the town. Japan used car when your talking about spare parts they are easy to get here in Tanzania and all over Africa compare to other cars. Car from japan they are also very affordable compare to others,for us who are not rich we can get them by a affordable price..The reason i think you should pick me as the winner for car from japan is that i will not stop telling good and good stories about car from japan how they (japan used car) change my life completely because back in 2013 i was about to buy a car from japan but some emergence came along the way so i failed to buy car from japan so when this opportunity came i found out to be my was my dream also to have a car since i finished my first degree in 2009. Ambassador of Car from japan that i will also guarantee to become once i become a winner.

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