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Sebastian Munyao Kitetu from Kenya message

Sebastian Munyao Kitetu from Kenya message
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Hi Lan,

I will be ready to give any support that you will require from Kenya even zin directing customers from Kenya to buy cars from you. I love Japan used cars because even when come to Kenya they as new as like manufactured yesterday.Good luck in geting as many customers as you have had before. Will devote my prayers to you. God bless you and your work.

If you pick as a winner i pick as a winner i promise that i personery any opportunity i get for buying a car i will buy from you and never from any other company. I am humbled by your finding time to have sllected writing to me and i hope to pay back by engauging you all the time. I am a person of prayer and i will pray day and night to win your award and of course will also be praying for you.

In kenya am working with the kenya defense forces, am married with five children and one grand child,

I welcome you to come to and sopen an outlet of which i will pledge my assistance to you. you are also welcome as a tourist as sthis country is now the best tourist destination. I LOVE DVYOU PEOPLE. BYE and xbest of luck.
Best regards.

Sebastian Munyao

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