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Samwel Petro Maganga from Tanzania message

Samwel Petro Maganga from Tanzania message
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My name is Samwel Petro Maganga from Tanzania . You will pick me as a winner because i am in need of car from JAPAN that of high quality and high standard but my problem is that i am small peasant who earn little yield per year and also i am still studying in University of Dodoma .So if i will be a winner is verry great help and reward to me
.High apprenticeship of car Japan
DURABILITY. The cars from japan is more durable because of advanced technology and also Japanese is developed country in the world. so this makes Japan to produce the car of best and durable and this has been appreciated by the users who used the cars from Japan .
QUALITY AND STANDARD.The cars from Japan are of more quality throughout the world and Japan is the first country in the world producing more quality cars.The cars from Japan are resistance of physical barriers and obstacles like mountain ,hill,poor roads conditions and bad climatic conditions like rain season and ice seasons.
SECURITY. The cars from Japan is secured due to advanced technology. The system of cars from Japan is secured in terms of accidents preventing and precautions.
EXPORTNESS .The industries that are manufacturing cars in Japan are ready to export their cars in different countries in the world with minimal cost including my country Tanzania.
EXPENSIVENESS. The cars from Japan is easy to buy and the buyer is given guarantee in terms of lost and risks occurred after transactions of business completed and this make the customers to buy the cars from Japan in dearly activities.
PROMOTION. Various industries in Japan conducted promotion as part of supporting their business and also as a way of achieving success and through this various people motivated to buy a cars from Japan and also through this promotion various people earn a lot of gifts,rewards and other valuable materials like money that helped many people to overcome poverty.
Generally, I am very happy to participate in this promotion of Xmass car giving from JAPAN.I wish to be a winner in this promotion. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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