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Samuel Tobung from Papua New Guinea message

Samuel Tobung from Papua New Guinea message
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First of all, I am from Papua New Guinea. In Papua New Guinea every car brands are from Japan. This means all cars in Papua New Guinea are cars from Japan starting from Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Nisan, Mitsubishi, Honda and even Subaru and the list goes on. This is because we do not like, but we definitely love cars from Japan. Cars from Japan are very good because they are durable and comes with style. Almost all car dealers in Papua New Guinea order cars from Japan. Even Individual goes as far as ordering Japanese used cars from Japan by themselves. This is to prove that Papua New Guineans love to buy Japanese cars from Japan even they are used ones. For me personally, I love cars fromJapan. I actually been to Japan 2 months ago and I saw it with my own eyes. Even the motorcycles, they are so awesome. I just love cars fromJapan.

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