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Salingu Simon Chalahani from Tanzania message

Salingu Simon Chalahani from Tanzania message
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I’m glad to participate for this competition to win a car from , Japanese used cars. It has been my long time dream to have my own car from Japan, Japanese used cars, is my first choice since I started to admire cars. it started when I was a young boy i used to go tothe church in the early 1990’s where i met a priest who owned a car from Japan; Toyota landcruiser. from that that I started to drem about belonging a car from Japan. Why do I like car from Japan; the following are the reasons. First of all is; its durability over long period of time, Secondary, cars from Japan are safe for both cars user themselves and other road users, thirdly, car from are economical cars in terms of lowest price and their spares and maintenance are at lowest or minimal costs, fourth, easily available in the market and shipping car from Japan is easily at a lowest cost, fifth; car from Japan are environment safe i.e they release minimum carbon to the environment and also emits little sound, sixth, car from Japan are available in different shapes and size ranging from small one to suit car users and service. some car from Japan are made in animal like shape for example Noah, it has a pig like shape, in my country Noah is known for it’s shape. Seventh car from some are made for multiple functions like agriculture, mining etc and lastly car from Japan are made to suit different road environment.

Beyond those reasons you can buy or get a car from Japan not only new cars but also Japanese used cars are available wherever in good conditions and reasonable price. cars from is my first choice, my dream car.

Let my dreams come true this year.

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