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SALIM from Zimbabwe message

SALIM from Zimbabwe message
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When i first purchased my first car ,i repeat, my first car from japan on line i thought i was trying the impossible;felt like paying Lobola for my Blonde through a stranger but realized CAR FROM JAPAN efficient,reliable,safe.You know what the term “Japanese used car ” Yes used but used wisely they are just like new cars you would just see with the mileage to confirm the term but nothing bad.

When i purchased my second Car from Japan my friends, i could find it just like visiting my local car sale, without any hesitation without thinking of the tragedy of the Titanic and more so i knew i was insured. Told myself- fear not.

On the third time this was my in- law, i purchased a NISSAN X-TRAIL for my mother-in-law. I did everything when she was watching so she could not believe it. She waited till she almost miss trust on me, but she came back to gills again like that fish which was out of water and thrown back again when i told her i wanted her to represent the payment of the duty at the Zimbabwean border.These agents -we call them agents , yes, they did it all.

Forth one was my wife” boss who purchased a BMW car all was tremendous

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