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Saitoti Naikara from Tanzania message

Saitoti Naikara from Tanzania message
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Why should you pick me as the winner:
I should be picked as a winner out of the rest because of the following reasons:
I will stand out to be a good ambassador for your products in my Country. Coming out as a winner in this competition I will play my part to be a good ambassador to represent your products and services for my fellow youth and the country at large. Having a good exposure in different localities at my country will be of an added advantage if being an ambassador for your products. I’m very certain by using me as your company ambassador you will be in a good position to win this market. I have a good exposure in such a way that I have a lot of friends in 4 main Tanzania cities which are Arusha, Dar es salaam, Mwanza and Dodoma. Using me as an ambassador will be of a big plus since I will spread a good word for your products and in the end yielding more customers.
I will be a good platform to Market your products in my country. By taking me as winner in this competition I will assist in making good strides to market your products in my country. I am a Marketing professional holding an MBA in Marketing, having me inside your network will be of good advantage as I will use my professional career to market your company in my country, considering that most of the citizens here in Tanzania are good customers of Japan motors. There are lots of imported cars from Japan and other Asian countries in here and will play my part to ensure that your company will be having an edge ahead of other companies by making sure that we work together to find more efficient and lest cost ways in Marketing your company in my country. We can use both BTL and ATL to ensure we reach almost every consumer in my country. In such a way i’m so certain in a very short time your company will gain so much popularity in my country hence becoming the big importer of vehicles in my country.
I am a Good entrepreneur and have lots of entrepreneurship ideas in utilising our cooperation. As a Tanzanian citizen with a good education and being involved in some entrepreneurship activities apart from the current work that am doing. I have an idea of becoming a middle man in selling your vehicles in my countries. I will be playing part in finding customers and connecting them with you so that I can receive commission in return. This is one of the fantasies that I had for some times now but what lacks at the moment is just capital to implement my idea. I have lots of friends who import their vehicles from different companies that they search from internet but most of the companies are not reliable, hence I constantly hear lots of complaints from them during such a process. some of them are complaining on the delays of their cargo to arrive in the country, difficulties in communication due to the language barrier(most of them doesn’t understand Japanese), Some companies are charging high. Here my point is, if you have me as a middleman I will ensure we will have a company which is so reliable and in the end you will be gaining more customers from my country. What needed here is just learning on the shortcomings encountered from other vehicle exporters companies from Japan and make sure we capitalize on those shortcomings by coming up with some good plan which are reliable and in the end am so certain we will conquer the market. In these competitive market most of the products and services are almost the same in many companies, however what makes a difference is the value for money, in other words the service offered should reflect the amount of money spent by the customer. Most companies forgot that customers are the driving force for their existence in the market. My point here is if the company invest in ensuring that her customers are well treated and left satisfied there is 100% assurance that they will gain more customers and also the loyalty will increase from the customers. We should also not forget that a good quality of the company products and services should not be undermined as it should also go hand in hand with the proper and quality customer service. Those two important points of Good customer service and a Good quality of products and services will make customers feel that the company value them and in the end the customer will prosper due to more sales and customer loyalty. My thesis on my MBA was “FACTORS INFLUENCING THE SELECTION OF MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDERS”. Hence my research enable me to come out with a very and valuable knowledge on why some customers are attracted in some of the companies,why are they staying(loyalty) and why some customers decides to leave one company at the expense of the other. It all applies even in the companies of your nature that several things that you do can lead your company to prosper by yielding more sales , it can also make some of your customer stay with your company and being loyal for a long time, but on the other hand it can lead to customer shift to other companies and leave your company on the collapse .
Companies should always be keen to understand what the customers need by doing lots of consumer understanding research and in the end come up with some products and services that cater customers needs. In this manner I suggest most companies to be consumer centric in such a way that the products and services should be designed to meet customers need and in the end win their heart and by winning customers heart in means you will create a good pitch to sell your products and services.

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