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Sadock godwin from Tanzania message

Sadock godwin from Tanzania message
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CAR FROM JAPAN is among of the best car in word according for those people who use the japanese used car.
The following is reason why CAR FROM JAPAN ltd pick me as the winner.the first thing is when you pick me as the winner i wil be the good ambassador in my tanzania country and all over the africa country to explain and advertising the company so i will make the company to be known in africa so to increase the costomer.
The second point is when i will be a winner i will use that gift to creat an employment for my fellow people for making some business expecially to sell used spare part of japanes used car so i will decrese an employment people
When the japanes used car pick me as a winner i will use that oportunity to explain the people in all over africa to visit japan so to increase the tourist in japane
When Japanese used car pick me as a winner i will take that oportunity to explain for the people to trust the best car that is from japan.
Lastly i want to make thanks for japanes used car for this compition and the best offer and service that is provide to us in African country and the price of their car that is very average for us.

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