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Sadick lyamuya from Tanzania message

Sadick lyamuya from Tanzania message
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hallo car from japan and good morning. first am glad to get these wonderfull opotunite to express how i feel and why you should recomend me as your winner, first i love cars(especialy cars from japan Toyota made) secondly i have never been a winner in any compotition so i hope these one works out for me in my fate these christmas season.
if i beacome a winner in this car from japan gift give away i will use the car gift to help my family in transportation and other people close to me to help them thim transport whenever wherever they need it i will make sure am always the to help them, as you say sharing is caring i will do the same with my car from japan gift.
I think car from japan is a cool organisation car leeding campany selling in the world because you have almost 99 percent of cars one can choose from thats one thing ather car csmpanies done have. secondly car from japan cars are in affordable price cars less than 500$ any one can have a car to ride on.
lastly but not least i would like to thank you all and hope you reconsider me and proudly pick me as your winner. bye

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