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Sadam Matsawili from Tanzania message

Sadam Matsawili from Tanzania message
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Behold! In the world we are living today, a car is no longer a luxury but a necessity to every person including myself like it is for a smart phone.

I can assure you that only less than 1 percent can reject the car offer from you, provided they can manage its running costs. This defines a great market segment awaiting for your vehicles out there.

Dear Team! You need to think of the alternative energy and low fuel consumption vehicles in the future. If water can run the human body, why not the vehicle body?

I do recommend you as the best vehicle supplier in the world, only I would like to urge you lower your prices a bit especially during this X-Mas and New Year 2017 season to enable more people afford your vehicles.

However, you still need to pioneer the campaign for eco-friendly vehicles.

My desire for the CAR FROM JAPAN CO.,LTD is higher than everybody’s to make me the winner of this competition.

Best Regards


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