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Ro Mocelutu Raiova from Fiji message

Ro Mocelutu Raiova from Fiji message
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In Fiji we have 90% of cars a made in Japan so if I have to explain about cars from Japan it will be easier for me because the first car I ride in my child hood is made in Japan & we still live cars made in Japan & I 100% sure that you believe what I am saying about vehicles used in my country Fiji island.
Marketing is my life & I can be your representative around the world if you want. I have the the business words to trap customers & so fluent in English, so marketing cars from Japan is not a problem to me since I started working in foreign lands in 1998, joined the hotel industries in 2001, test me out than you will see & prove my case right.
I have many friends around the world since I am connected with them from my Christian beliefs as an international evangelist I can also promote cars from Japan .
I can bring in lots of customers to cars in Japan .

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