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Regina Wuri from Papua New Guinea message

Regina Wuri from Papua New Guinea message
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Japanese Used cars are of high demand in Papua New Guinea (PNG). With the growing demand of japanese used cars here in PNG due to its affordability and durability, by the working class and businesses and most of all the car dealers .Most of Car dealers here important cars from Japan and add their own marker taking into account the Very High charges by Customs PNG.
Rather, regarding the high fee charges by PNG CUSTOM S has made it very difficult for non-working class Papua New Guinean or an average wage earner to afford a vehicle via Japan in relation to USD$
Currency which is three times more than the PGK. Average wage earners had to save for years to afford a car or buy from resale of cars by businesses or high income earner s such as politicians, etc.
I personally really need a car to travel to work.Since my job requires attending to patients from 8am tilI afternoon.It is always difficult to catch a public Motor vehicle (PMV) at bus stops were there are many people rushing to secure space/seat. As a woman it is of great disadvantage especially in the afternoon s to return home.I always wished to own a car of my own,but I can’t afford one right away,have to save for some years of work before I can afford one. I’m also taking care of the welfare of my sibling s.Thus it is very difficult to own a Japanese made cars right now.
I trust the Japanese made cars and also Japanese used vehicles very much , they are made to suit the roads in PNG and are always in very good condition.The Japanese car brands are very attractive,interior designs are cozzy and comfortable.

Even though the used Japanese cars look brand new in Papua New NEw. (Just my honest opinion). Brand New or Used Japanese cars, My personal opinion is that they are all road worthy and can last for more than five to ten years or more if good care is given in maintence and service in Papua New Guinea.
I wish my Christmas dream become reallity with Japanese made cars/transport.

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