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Raymond from Tanzania message

Raymond from Tanzania message
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I am very glad to have been enrolled into this competition, frankly speeking i have been a good fan of your products because they are of good quality and are well presentable taking the land cruiser prado new model that looks very loyal..regardless whether i win the prize or not i am going to be a good ambassador of your products because its my dream to become a car exporter agent specifically from your seed i want to grow as the best branch of your seed , i am still undertaking my bachelor once i am employed i am going to save as much as will be enough for the capital to start car selling business and i am going to start a big brach in south tanzania where i will take cars by train from daressalaam port to njombe region where i want to open a big yard of cars from japan .to be famous in that i had to join this competition so that people may startknowing me and will trust me because i will be durectly linked to the firm.

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