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Rayhan Adhi Pradana from Indonesia message

Rayhan Adhi Pradana from Indonesia message
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Thank you for your warm greeting. Me and my family love Japanese car. In our house we have 5 Japanese car. We have Toyota Kijang Innova, Toyota Yaris(Vitz), and 3 Daihatsu GranMax. My family always use Japanese car. My grand father used to have Honda Accord, my aunt have Toyota Camry and Datsun Go. We live in Indonesia so Japanese Car is easy to find. Japanese used car is easy to sell here because in Indonesia Japanese car is more easy for maintanance. But in Indonesia if we import a car the tax is very expensive. My dream car is Nissan GT-R R35 and Toyota Supra. If CAR FROM JAPAN pick me as a winner (I Hope), i can do my hobby. I have so much plan in my mind to make my ride better. I did it to my Toyota Yaris (vitz). I changed the wheels. The rims is Auto Speed and the tire is Yokohama. And for the exhaust is HKS Hi-Power. Yeah thats a little story that i share.
I hope i can win this. If i win this, this will be the best year end prize for me… 🙂
May God Grant me.. Ameen
Oh yeah im 15 years old.

Rayhan Adhi

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