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Raphael from Tanzania message

Raphael from Tanzania message
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I would like to take this ample time to deliver my appreciationa for this fantastic compatetion, competing for the CAR FROM JAPAN particulaly the japanese used car. You would choose me as a winner simply because i have all the qualities that the winner is supporsed to posses and another thing is since am from developing contry like Tanzania the need for these japanese used car is high because most of the people they are low income earners such that their saving are of minima. In that case now they cant afford to place orders for brand new cars so the need for japanese used car become higher. The car from japan especialy the japanese used car are very useful to our country and they durable and easly repairable since most of spare parts are available in our country. Not only that but also you will pick me as a winner because when i winn this car i will use it as an advertising tool for your business in our country. Furthermore when you pick me as winner i will become a good represantave for your business hence increase the tunover and increase the profit, since the market also will widen.. thenx you very much hope i will be the winner of this competition. for THE CAR FROM JAPAN especily the Japanese uaed car.

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