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Ranga Karunathilake from Sri Lanka message

Ranga Karunathilake from Sri Lanka message
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Actually I entered this competition due to my need of a car for my family owned business run in Sri Lanka. I need a car for daily transport of that business office and specially for branding. I am a new concepts designer and therefore, I like new branding concepts.
Solely because of that I like new branding concepts, I like to help any brand to be promited. Because I believe that when I promote a brand even in a single word, that promotes my brand automatically. That is I mostly believe in mutual promoting. Giving & receiving, it is a simple plan. Normally, once I prefer a brand (any kind of brand), I try to make that brand to join with my brand name in a way, it makes me happier to work my self and it leads me to new branding concepts. But I need to mension that after all I am not professionally a branding person, I am a Mechanical Engineer. From my childhood, I am creative and I know it well. That is why I follow these creative concepts.

Besides that I am a person in a kind that I want to help others everytime. Therefore, I try to promote small businesses of my friends as much as I can. If you think of getting winners of this competition as sponsors or branding persons of your brand, I must let you know that I am glad to do it if I will have a chance. But I would like to mension that I am willing to do the same even if I would not win a car from you. It’s your decision. I have some space in my office floor to promote your business free of charge if you wish to. Send me your leaflets and any printed materials so that I can dispaly them free of charge (without the intension of winning your Mostly welcome videos if available.

Anyways, thanks for your chance to anyone. I appreciate your every endeavours in hard working. Best of luck!!!

Please cut the inapproprite dicussions (proposal to promote your brand free of charge at my office space in Sri Lanka) in my essay when you think of publishing any content on social networks.

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