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prominah kavinya muia from Kenya message

prominah kavinya muia from Kenya message
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Good morning all at CAR FROM JAPAN. I come from remote of Kitui county, eastern province, Nairobi Kenya where people do not believe that women can do anything that hit the headlines of news papers and social media. I have been receiving emails from CAR FROM JAPAN every day and i have seen them with very good offers for nice cars. I like you CAR FROM JAPAN and have longed to be associated with you, that’s why you should pick me as the winner. Secondly, i have tried to purchase a car through CAR FROM JAPAN but i did not get someone to guide me well so that i will not be duped. CAR FROM JAPAN is wonderful thing and we need genuine representatives in Kenya for the same so that kenyans will have confidence while buying cars because in case of any mess the buyer suffers the consequences. If possible the representatives can be in all the 47 counties. Other services needed which i think can be offered by CAR FROM JAPAN include servicing of the cars, insurance and computer diagnosis of the cars. CARS FROM JAPAN can transform the live of people in Kenya because one can get a car of his/her choice, make, model and either new or used. Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN team, God bless you and increase your desire to help us Kenyans.

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