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PHOEBE MUDEREKI from Zimbabwe message

PHOEBE MUDEREKI from Zimbabwe message
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First and foremost, I should be picked as a Winner because I am a big fan of Cars from Japan and have been participating in this competition for a long time, I think its high time I get a car am tired of tracking please have mercy. I like their rates and they sell quality cars at affordable prices. Your response and customer care is awesome.
By looking at the ultimate goal of Car From Japan when they started their company of “Enriching Lives”, this is fulfilled by this competition which they seek to enrich lives of those who cannot afford a car but who wish to own one. Their website has all relevant information a buyer may need to know about the vehicle he/she may want before purchasing. For example The spacious trunk in the Gran Coupe standard 3 series is more than enough. If you have more than one kid, this will be the right car for you.

Your website also provides maintenance tips for free which is a very wonderful thing for a manufacture to do for its customers for example on how to keep your radiator in good condition. The website highlights that you can either flush the old coolant or bleed it out. There are several ways of keeping a radiator in good condition and one of them is to bleed the radiator which is highlighted below:
Bleeding a Radiator

Often air gets trapped in the upper section of the radiator. At time goes by, that air make its way through the reservoir or overflow tube, and create air bubbles. And, as soon as it happens, the coolant is not able to pass through tubes and hoses owing to the air bubbles.
3 Methods of Bleeding a Radiator

Dismantle the bleeder valves: there is a built-in bleeder valve in some car models. The sole purpose of such valves is to bleed the congesting air.

Jack up the car: elevate the front portion of your car to hold the radiator at a higher point than the rest of the cooling system. In turn, it forces air pockets and dissipates the air bubbles blocking the interior. Loosen the reservoir tank cap or the radiator cap to expedite the process.

Cap off the radiator and turn on the engine: activate the engine after removing the radiator cap. Keep the vehicle in this way until it hits the average temperature level. After 15-20 minutes the car will generate enough heat to push out air obstructing the cooling system. You may have to add other coolants afterward.
As part of Cars from Japan’s mandate to keep its customers informed, their website also highlighted tips on:
Flushing a Radiator

When you flush a radiator, it increases the life expectancy of the heater and refreshes it. The whole process is super easy to follow and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes.

There are several maintenance tips from Cars from Japan website which are so beneficial to customers. I think their website is the best

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