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Phillip Kasegwe from Malawi message

Phillip Kasegwe from Malawi message
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Hello Carfromjapan Team,

I am really impressed with the increasing car imports from CarFromJapan which is flowing into Malawi/Africa of the recent years which has made international car purchase quite easy and reliable. Firstly am really impressed with the simplified outlay of your website which makes customer navigation very easy on your website. One can easily choose to browse any car model starting from the car model, engine capacity, year of make,price range and better off even by searching the discount category that best suits the inquiring buyer . Not to mention also the impressive customer testimony’s from recent buyers which are legit and updated which greatly contributes towards every aspiring buyer in the confidence that he or she is getting the car from a legit car seller who will also ensure the customer is satisfied with the car purchase they have made.

Secondly the support team on your site once an inquiry is made toward a car purchase,request for details or just any other question in relation to Cars which are on sale on your site is really impressive and always on time. This greatly cuts off the time lapses between customer inquiry and the feedback from your team.

Last but not least the ability for individuals to calculate the Total purchase price depending on the car model and Port destination for delivery quit makes it suitable for any customer to adjust to the budget and also be well informed of when they can expect the car delivered to their specified location of which this was a very big problem of the past years. Now no matter the location we are pretty sure we are paying to a reliable car source who will in turn do the proper car shipping to the customer in time. We are now guaranteed of no more scams and getting to get a totally different car from what buyer has ordered. From car inspection to shipment tracking which is of great importance as this ensures the car is not lost amidst transit to its destination.

In addition the idea of breakdown payment for car purchases is quite comfortable, 50% on invoice stage and the remaining 50% on shipment for customers who might not have all the funds available at once is impressive

Winning this car will be the best moment for my Family this Christmas.

Looking forward to be the winner 🙂

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