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Peter Muzarakuza from Zambia message

Peter Muzarakuza from Zambia message
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I hope that car from japan and its partners will pick me as the winner. I am looking forward to winning the car from Japan so much. My wife and I have been blessed with a young baby girl who is now one year and seven months old. If I win this car, it will be the best present for my family, especially my baby daughter. Family is very important to me and this car will make travelling and moving around easy for my young daughter and her mother. We like to travel a lot and learn about different societies and communities. Sometimes when we travel we cannot feed her on the bus. Sometimes she just wants to wait and see colourful sites when travelling. Just imagine not having to worry if a public bus will make a stop so that my young baby girl can have rest or recess along the journey! Just imagine, if I am able on our road trips to allow the little princess to learn through travel education by stopping so that she can see the colourful birds, flowers and trees. And more importantly, I like to travel and learn how communities live. I am a Social Anthropologist and travelling is a learning experience for me. With public transport or a bus I can not always travel on my on schedule and go to all the places that are a learning experience for me. Just imagine if one day I am able to have a road trip across the country or several countries learning and experiencing diverse cultures and traditions. I believe that when we travel with an open mind we learn in more ways than we can ever imagine.This is how much joy and wonder winning this car will bring. This car will mean a lot to me and my family.

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