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Peni Dovi from Fiji message

Peni Dovi from Fiji message
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Bula! Arigatou Gozaimasu

In My Own Words Car From Japan is the BEST. Its AFFORDABLE, Its STRONG, DURABILITY, ADMIRABLE DESIGNS,ENOUGH SPACE for passengers to seat and move around..EASY TO USE, FRIENDLY USER,THE SPARE PARTS are always available and in cheaper prices. MY DREAM CAR is always and HAVE to be TOYOTA PRADO LAND CRUISER. In a Little country like Fiji where Minimum wages hasn’t been implemented.. To Buy Brand New Japanese Cars is very hard as it is very expensive. Now middle class and low earning classes of people like me would have the pleasure to also have a privilege of owning a car ONLY WITH THIS GENUINE JAPANESE USED CARS as they are new, affordable and of course strong body. I always admire Japanese Cars since i first know how to drive and since then I never had a chance to own a car.. I have driven them though and I can’t say no more no less But just to speak HIGHLY on this Japanese Used Cars.. Its The Best Deal In Town! Like I Said as I always dream to own one of your Japanese Cars,This is exactly why i am very much interested to join this competition because that’s what i always told my friends.. If I won a lottery than my first choice is to buy myself a Brand New TOYOTA PRADO LAND CRUISER..Its my DREAM CAR…Thank You for giving us this opportunity to explain a little bit of what i think about Car from Japan.. I hope You would get the message clear that with me.. Its The Best Deal and The Best Car for me and not only that.. IN FIJI OUR NUMBER 1 CHOICE CAR IS AND ALWAYS BE JAPANESE CAR.. DRIVE IT and it explains everything why its the BEST! VINAKA..Thank YOU…

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