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Paula Alvarez from Trinidad And Tobago message

Paula Alvarez from Trinidad And Tobago message
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In my early twenties I had a fear for driving due to an accident that I had encountered. This experience plagued my sanity all through my adult life. In my late thirties I decided I have to conquer my fears on the road by signing up for my driver’s licence. It was a big challenge for me. However, I remembering practicing to drive on a chair with wheels until I had my exam which I did pass. This effort of passing my driving test exam inspired to purchase a car. immediately. The car was parked in the garage for two weeks driven by my husband because I was a afraid to ventour into the vehicle.
One day I just decided to get into the car and drive around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful experience. I spoke to myself by saying Paula to conquer my fear on the road I have to face it. Today , I am an excellent driver because part of my job in my company is driving everyday. Moreover,the experience has made me a strong and persistent driver up to now. This is why I should be pick as a winner. Because this is a true real life scenario. Thanks to you.

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