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PAUL KUNAMBI from Tanzania message

PAUL KUNAMBI from Tanzania message
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thank you so much for acknowledging me as a candidate, they are so many reasons why I should be a winner to this competition, first; I believe in myself, when I decided to join this competition I know I deserve to win. Second: I have confidence,even though there are many candidate but am sure I will be the winner and have the faith something positive will come out of this, also another thing that inspire me to contest is because of your products. Actually the cars from Japan are agreeable and I belief it stays for a long time without plague. I done lots of research before and when I came across this competition it was like a dream come true. But I aim at time I win can be an ambassador to this wonderful products in my Country, I will strew the interest of the companies ahead and use the I won as an example to people. Being an ambassador means I have to know the products well since I did some research the information about this CAR FROM JAPAN, I know that the cars are in good condition and reasonable price thus why i prefer Car from Japan.

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