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Otaigo Elisha from Tanzania message

Otaigo Elisha from Tanzania message
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Since Japan start lunching their car their doing well in term of durability I actually use powertilla called kubota since I brought it has no problem and spare part are available in the market which good thing as customer . also I saw the brand of honda in Indonesia which are good model , and also I didn’t see in my country ” Japan car and model will continue to satisfy customer of today and future generation
Its time for customer to chose good brand of Japan. Car it’s durable japan car are good to every place even if the road is not Good it can pass thought the as customer the new brand Honda and other are good in shape and its luxury car
Car japan should also improve other model or manufacture car that can be brought by any customer regarding to their level of income this through marketing research in different part of Africa where there is good market for fished product and also with few manufacturing industries
Also the company may focus on other simple mechanized tools for agricultural activities Africa farm need smart technology durable and easy to access spare part there is some trend not only agriculture equipment even car from.different company to get a spare part become a problem my advise to the team as long as you do your best keep in mind that spear parts of your product be there, and being easy accessible
I am African but studying here in Indonesia when I saw the brand name of Honda and its model I thought if expeorted to Africa there insurance to get good market for the product.
Focus on customer loyalty and satisfaction remain and continues with your quality the company will exist hundred years to car its my hope my grand son to use the car from Japan , japanese car always are the best keep customer relationship management record ask for feedback through checklist so that you can improve some things that goes wrong or customer notes that has problem as company always think win win you win and you customer satisfies with you product this will ensure long term relation and customer will advertise your product on behalf of you remember one unsatisfied customer can tell many people about the weekness of the product , let us focus on keeping existing customer and attract new one.

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