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oscar makundi from Tanzania message

oscar makundi from Tanzania message
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Hi all
First of all i wiuld like to show my appreciations to this japanese company for showing their care and love to their customers because there are many companies which offers the same business the same products but they cannot show such love
Also I’d like to congratulate this company for the achievements that they have made since they have started up to now this shows how us as their customers are important to them.
This is a very good marketing strategy is giving a car used by this company as many customers can view and reach their site so as they can get the product they want even in future, this will add more profit to this company as well as goodwill in to this vompetitive market in the world as many company are doing the same business.
I would also like to ivite as many people asa a can to apply this and try this beautiful lottery beacause they never know may be the trophy can be of one of them as the more they try is the more they get a chance to win.

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