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Nyitho Derick from Uganda message

Nyitho Derick from Uganda message
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Dear Lan Phan,
I can’t say how much grateful I am not only to this Xmas package promotion that you are giving us, potential customers but to your tirelessly and hardworking staff at car from Japan and the wonderful sponsors that have not only provided us wonderful service in terms of trust, security and quality cars but being humanly friendly and welcoming to all classes of income earners. I hope I win cause I don’t own car yet… And what a dream come true if I win.
And it’s not totally about the winning the car from car from Japan, but how life will change income wise, cause I intend to use it for car rentals and offering transportation services to high profile clients from airport pickups, besides there would be transportation security in my family.
Thanks once again for the service.
Long may you be prosperous car from Japan.
Nyitho Derick

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