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Nyangoma Christine from Tanzania message

Nyangoma Christine from Tanzania message
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Am so grateful to be part of this competition and when it comes to competition that means u compete to be a winner not a loser .My just simple reason why I feel my name should be picked is that I personally love Japan cars simply because they are durable and don’t consume a lot of fuel in other words they are cost effective. I have joined this competition to live my dream car because I don’t see my self having one though with my big desire for one.And am kind of a person who loves challenges and I love trying as it goes try and fail but never fail to try and knowing that tomorrow is not promised to me at all so all I have is today to make my dream come true.I have always desired my presence to bring any impact and if it doesn’t then my absence would make no difference so I pray my presence in this competition to be highly valued .Thanks once again for such opportunity I pray I emerge the winner and I enjoy my joyful christimas well .I can’t take this for granted because the chance knocks once so “there is a person who was got urinating in the river and when asked he replied that his little addition has a small increase to the river” Hope my determination to apply will bring some thing.merry merry christimas

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