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NSEKUYE Olivier from Rwanda message

NSEKUYE Olivier from Rwanda message
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Hello CFJ !!!
I would like to thank Car from Japan for giving everyone around the world both those who can afford and those who have always dreamt of being car owners one day but couldn’t afford to purchase one a chance to be car owners. This is a very noble gesture from you and may this be a beginning of positive and fruitful relationships around the world for future business.
I am confident that the Japanese used car are in excellent conditions and they are very affordable. The cost of the cars are reasonable and are within the buying power of most people in my country and other developing countries. I have seen Japanese used cars in my country and they come in different models and types which suit different needs of different people at very affordable prices which is worth their money.

To be honest I have never been lucky to have vehicle imported from Car From Japan but has imported several times through different supplies. Actually up to now all vehicle imported are to the best conditions.
I have come across so many vehicles in my country imported from Japan with “CAR FROM JAPAN” stickers stacked on it, that means that your Company must be in of those which brings quality vehicles in our country! I feel that by this competition opportunity has come to me to own best car from your company!
And since this is a competition comprising almost the whole World,of course I can’t favor myself to be winner but as the opportunity given we all have to try our level best to participate and keep in mind if not today, some other day fortune may fall on me and declared winner.

Thank you!!!!

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