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Nicholas Kafuku from Tanzania message

Nicholas Kafuku from Tanzania message
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As my dreams, I wish to drive my own car made in Japan because it’s products quality, cars from Japan are made by using high technology with high bureau of standards according to the needs of the world which satisfy the needs, As we are part of the world, Japanese car are friends from environmental pollution due to less emissions of carbon monoxide gas, apart from environmental pollution, Car from
Japan has many spare parts all-over the world where customer in their country gets easier for there availability.
Car from Japan are made in reality of our infrastructure especially in Africa where mountainous land and rough roads exist for 85% so it needs Car with high stability and durable one! Only Car from Japan can handle all these problems.

Car from Japan has led to an increase of personal income! How? These car cosume little fuel, so customers avoid high expense of uses of fuel in their daily basis

On another hand, car from Japan is more preferred brand because of different new models with new daily appearance which makes a person to appear in a new look daily
Lastly, I congratulate car from Japan team for your hospitality especially on serving your country by providing commodities of high quality, this is a sense of patriotism for citizens of Japan, I feel prod for quality Car from Japan, It’s my hope that, my new year! my new car from Japan!
Thanks for this competition keep it up

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