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Nelson williams from Saint Kitts And Nevis message

Nelson williams from Saint Kitts And Nevis message
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The reason why I should be picked as the winner is that I have been working extra hard as a Sales Clerk an have yet 2 see what all of my hard work has been heading towards but I’ve nothing has come out of working harder n longer for six days straight for an entire year nothing. Promise of an increase in pay for almost 11 months now waiting on the little extra money but still nothing. So I would say that I know their many people out there around the world that also desvser to win. But when I came across this amazing chance of me actually winning a car from Japan I just had 2 go for it cause really this year had been a really tough one I would just like to this 1 time n I know it’s a long shot my chances of winning Is like 1 out of billion but I have hope an faith that this is my turn 2 win . I think that any right or left hand vehicle coming from Japan is a great buy ,I’m from the caribbean so I’m reaching out 2 every single person that is going to read this please let me please win this 1 I thank you very much for your listen to my words.

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