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Natasha Sivpersad from South Africa message

Natasha Sivpersad from South Africa message
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Hi,and thank you for such an amazing opportunity to own a car . I am a driver ,however I do not own a car. As I am a stay at home home. Having a car of my own would mean the world to me. I would be able to take my little girl to school next year and fetch her . During the day I would be able to do errands as well as take my 18 month old boy. My kids and I would be so appreciative,i sure hope you pick me. Many years ago I used to dream of owning my own car when I used to walk with my special needs son to bus stops n hospitals. Often walking with a 15 kg baby a baby bag and hospital chart in hand for almost 2km.i recall wishing I had the money to be able to afford a car then,as people passed us by and nobody offered to help. I will be crossing my fingers and praying. Thank you guys for giving back to others. If I don’t win, I’m still glad that somebody out there has been blessed with a new car.

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