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Muwema Muwema from Zambia message

Muwema Muwema from Zambia message
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I was impressed the time I saw and liked Car From Japan Facebook page. From that time, I have been following you on Facebook where you have been posting various topics on how to maintain our vehicles, how to ensure the car is in the most suitable condition for driving. Safety has been part of your story as well. All the various topics CAR FROM JAPAN has been posting have changed the way I look at things as regards to my car. I have saved a lot and probably avoided unforeseen car I could have experienced because of the new and improved knowledge I have acquired from CAR FROM JAPAN. The environment we live in can only be taken care of only if we know how to reduce carbon emissions by making sure our cars are well taken care of. I have appreciated this because of the information I gathered from CAR FROM JAPAN. This knowledge i have acquired I keep sharing with my colleagues, some of them who might not have access to the CAR FROM JAPAN website/Facebook page. Even though I have never bought a car from CAR FROM JAPAN, I feel the knowledge I gathered, which am sharing doesn’t help me alone, but also those am sharing with, to save resources, lives and the environment. Lives saved today are future customers of CAR FROM JAPAN! I deserve to be the winner of this competition!

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